Sunday, March 30, 2014

sketchbook pages March 31, 2014

The first page is a layering of stripes, spots or dots, and objects at hand: an open envelope, a mug, a pen, a mechanical pencil, a bone folder, a credit card, a calculator, a paper clip, corrector fluid, a book and a Japanese maple leaf. The spots with "HONEY" are a collaged fragrance paper found last week.

The other page is also about spots and seeing in layers. The packaging for the red tights from Japan had a thin cardboard sheet with holes so that the red colour through. With the tights out, there was a plastic sleeve and the card with holes. The holes were easy to trace around. Because the holes were for seeing through and when the card was on the desk, the scissors and tape were visible, they were traced around as if behind and seen through the holes.

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P said...

Can't wait to see the red tights!